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Food security and improved nutrition for the poor - AgriFoSe 2030's panel at development conference

Published: 30 August 2016

The ’Development Research Conference 2016’ took place in Stockholm 22-24 August. The theme was Global visions and local practices and AgriFoSe2030 arranged the well-visited session ’Food security and improved nutrition for the poor – a multi-disciplinary research task’.

“It is very stimulating that the interest for food security and nutrition is that large in the research community –we had to triple the number of these AgriFoSe2030 panels and was the largest contributor to the conference! This reflects the global weight of food security and nutrition and the commitment from the international research community to take part”, says Ulf Magnusson, program manager of AgriFoSe2030.

A multidisciplinary approach to combat food security

The sessions attracted participants from various research disciplines and the seminars were followed by fruitful panel discussions that highlighted the importance of a multidisciplinary approach in order to combat food security and contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals. From the various seminars it could be concluded that multidisciplinary research is indeed challenging but very rewarding when it works.

Ilda Lindell, Stockholm University, Chair of the Organizing Committee presenting. Photo: Malin Planting.
A panel at the session "Food security and improved nutrition for the poor – a multidisciplinary research task". From the left: Nazia Binte Ali from International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research in Bangladesh, Asad K. Ghalib, Liverpool Hope Univ./Univ. of Manchester, Patricia Kasarigilak, Uppsala University and Jörgen Levin, Örebro University. Photo: Malin Planting.
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