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Publish your CV page on the new web

Published: 27 May 2016

Up to the launch of the new web on 1 June, we will be publishing short news items describing some of the new functionality. The turn has now come to CV pages – on the new web, creating your own CV page is really easy.

It is particularly important that SLU’s researchers present themselves on the web using a personal CV page. A CV page serves several purposes, not least is it a way of displaying the broad competence at SLU, and researchers play a key role in that.

When researchers present their projects, for example in a press release or on a web page, it adds a lot of value if readers can also access a CV page with more background information on the researcher in question.

This is how you do it

(See pictures below) On the new web, creating or updating your CV page is very easy. Start on the first page of the staff web. You are probably already logged on, but if you see the text ”Log on” in the top right corner, click it and log on using your SLU username and password.

Then click ‘Tools and systems’. Select the option for CV pages and click it. The page that opens is similar to a Word form, with headings and text boxes. Just fill in your details – any fields you do not use will not be displayed when you publish the page.

When you are done, click the Save button at the bottom of the page to publish it. Remember to check the published page to make sure everything looks ok!

You access the CV page form from the ’Tools and systems’ menu ("Verktyg och system" in Swedish). Click here to enlarge the image

Here can you see the link to the CV page "Create/change your CV" on english page. Click here to enlarge picture

The is the form page where you add your text. Click here to enlarge the picture

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