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Centre for fish and wildlife research (CFW)

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Covid-19 lesson: Wild meat

Is wildlife and the consumption of wild meat only a cause to pandemics or is it in fact also a solution to a sustainable future? In a new blog post, Senior Lecturer Joris Cromsigt, discusses the

Genetisk märkning ger bättre koll på lax och havsöring

Every year, ca 1.7 million farmed young salmon and sea trout (smolt) are released into Swedish rivers, smolts that are naturally "genetically labelled" already at birth. By doing DNA analyses of the

Studie från unik ”tidsmaskin”

Using an artificially heated closed coastal bay in the Baltic Sea, a new study by researchers at Swedish university of Agrucultural Sciences (SLU) offers a unique chance to see what might happen to

One Health research on biodiversity conservation and emerging infectious diseases presented at Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Stockholm

On May 28, Associate Professor Åsa Fahlman and Dr Udeshika Sewwandi were invited speakers at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs in Stockholm, Sweden, on a seminar arranged by the Swedish Research

Brunare och varmare sjöar ger mindre mängd fisk

Warming and browning are ongoing processes coupled to climate change, with potentially severe consequences for lake ecosystems. In a new study, SLU researchers now show how the combination of warming

Abborrens arvmassa kartlagd

A team of Swedish, Finnish and Estonian scientists have completed the world-first full sequencing of the perch (Perca fluviatilis) genome, which is three times smaller than the human genome (around

Postdoc in Wildlife Health

Available position at the Department of Wildlife, Fish, and Environmental Studies, SLU The Department of Wildlife, Fish, and Environmental Studies, SLU, Umeå, is looking for a postdoc in the

Volkmar Passoth

I am mainly working on physiology, genetics and biotechnology of non-conventional yeasts. My group is working on oleaginous yeasts (as resource to sustainably produce biodiesel, food- and feed

Bättre modeller för förvaltning av lax och öring

Population models are used in order to estimate the status for the Baltic salmon and sea trout stocks. Could parameter estimates in these models be improved by incorporating more and new knowledge of

Småbåtshamnar minskar växtlighet som är viktig för fisk

People around the Baltic Sea love boats and Swedes and Finns in particular love their archipelago. But the boating activities can put pressure on the coastal environment. In a new scientific article,

Är spiggen ett hot mot Östersjöns rovfiskar?

Three-spined stickleback have recently increased in many coastal areas of the Baltic Sea. Three-spined sticklebacks compete for food with other fish, and can also feed on their eggs and larvae. Does