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Centre for fish and wildlife research (CFW)

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Lachlan Fetterplace

lachlan.fetterplace@slu.se Marine Ecologist PhD and Researcher: interested in a broad range of research areas including sustainable fishing, marine protected areas, electronic monitoring of

Networking workshop and guidance to research facilities in Älvkarleby

Networking workshop and guidance to research facilities in Älvkarleby aquaculture@slu.se Most welcome to this lunch to lunch meeting 8-9 November with different research groups interested to know

Anti Vasemägi

anti.vasemagi@slu.se My research covers a broad spectrum of topics in evolutionary biology, genomics, population genetics and ecology focusing on understanding the drivers of genetic and phenotypic

Volkmar Passoth

volkmar.passoth@slu.se I am professor of food biotechnology. My research focuses on microorganisms and especially non-conventional yeasts. We study their physiology and genetics and investigate how

Jonas Malmsten

- Esson C, Michaux J, Johansson Ö, Malmsten J, Lkhagvajav P, Samelius G. (2017). The importance of genetic tools when studying the distribution of rare and elusive species illustrated by the Kam

Lo Persson

I have a general interest in biology and ecology and I find the academic working environment extremely stimulating and rewarding. On the 24 Nov 2017, I successfully defended my thesis "Effects of

Göran Ericsson

Department Chair and Chaired Professor in Wildlife Ecology My tenured professorship focuses on three main topics; plant-animal interactions and animal ecology the use of the biological resource

Håkan Sand

For more information about Håkan, visit the Swedish page.

Ulf Bergström

ulf.bergstrom@slu.se My research is directed towards coastal ecosystems of the Baltic Sea, focusing on factors that determine where species are found and how abundant they are, and how management

Magnus Huss

magnus.huss@slu.se My research focuses on how multiple pressures and individual development and body growth governs ecological dynamics in fish communities and aquatic ecosystems, and often in the