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Jerker Nilsson

Jerker Nilsson
Jerker Nilsson is a Professor of Business Administration (emeritus), specifically in cooperative business and agro-food marketing.


Jerker Nilsson’s research focuses on agricultural cooperatives and other market structures in the agro-food chains. The research concerns the various stages in the value chains from the field to the food, always with the market as a point of departure. The theoretical home of the projects is either institutional theories or social psychology.


Before Jerker Nilsson was employed at SLU in 1989 he worked as an associate professor of marketing at Copenhagen Business School (1982-1989) and Aarhus University (1977-1982). He earned an MBA (1967) and a PhD (Business Administration) (1980) at University of Lund.

Jerker Nilsson writes chronicles (in Swedish) for each issue of the monthly magazine Lantbrukets Affärer an. During all his years at SLU he has been active in extension services, communicating scientific information to business and society.

Jerker Nilsson is a member of the Editorial Boards of Agribusiness: An International Journal, as well as Journal of Co-operative Studies.

Selected publications

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Nilsson, J. and C. Rydberg (2015)- Factors behind the Fonterra Shareholders’ Rejection of the Board’s Capital Restructuring Plan of 2007. Journal of Cooperatives 30; 1-27.


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