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Ivã Guidini Lopes

Iva Guidini Lopes
Postdoctoral researcher working with organic resources recovery for more sustainable and circular agricultural practices.


I have a bachelor degree in Biological Sciences, a M.Ed. degree and a PhD in Aquaculture (Organic Waste Management). I am very interested in the recovery of organic resources (e.g. plant nutrients and bioactive substances) from different sources and activities, and in the reutilization of such resources in food and feed production, as well as in agricultural practices. The focus of my work is using black soldier fly (Hermetia illucens, BSF) larvae as a bioconversion tool for dealing with organic residual streams, with the aim to achieve true circularity within the food supply chain. I am currently focused on the production, stabilization and application of high-quality BSF-derived fertilizers (frass or entomocompost), as I believe in the insect sector as a whole and I want to contribute with its development worldwide. I am currently enrolled in many research projects, with two main efforts under my responsibility: “Moving towards circularity: microbial and chemical characterization of waste-based fertilizers from black soldier fly larvae treatment of organic materials” funded by FORMAS - Mobility Grant for Early-Career Researchers, and “Promoting sustainability and circularity through a waste-based natural fertilizer derived from black soldier fly larvae” funded by the foundation Carl Tryggers Stiftelse.


I work with the development and implementation of the BSF bioconversion of organic residual streams in Sweden and in other parts of the world (Brazil and Portugal). I am involved in several research projects with the Kretsloppsteknik research group at SLU (for more information you can read our blog by clicking here) and with researchers and students at SLU in Lomma. I am also very interested in the industrial development of BSF as a real worldwide market, thus I keep close collaboration with the private company Entogreen ( in Portugal.


I hold a PhD in Aquaculture, with focus on organic waste management, from São Paulo State University (UNESP) in Jaboticabal, São Paulo, Brazil.

Selected publications

Lopes, I.G., Yong, J.W.H. and Lalander, C., 2022. Frass derived from black soldier fly larvae treatment of biodegradable wastes. A critical review and future perspectives. Waste Management 142: 65-76.

Esteves, C., Fareleira, P., Castelo-Branco, M.A., Lopes, I.G., Mota, M., Murta, D., Menino, R. 2022. Black soldier fly larvae frass increases the soil’s residual nutrient content and enzymatic activity - a lettuce production trial. Journal of Insects as Food and Feed 8: 1431-1440.

Lopes I.G., Lalander C., Vidotti R.M., Vinnerås B., 2020 Reduction of bacteria in relation to feeding regimes when treating aquaculture waste in fly larvae composting. Frontiers in microbiology 11:1616.

Lopes I.G., Lalander C., Vidotti R.M., Vinnerås B. 2020 Using Hermetia illucens larvae to process biowaste from aquaculture production. Journal of Cleaner Production 251: 119753.

Bettiol, A.C.T., Braos, L.B., Lopes, I.G., Andriolli, I., Ferreira, M.E., Cruz, M.C.P. 2022. Evaluation of potentially available nitrogen by biological and chemical methods in soil cultivated with maize in succession to cover crops. Journal of Plant Nutrition 45: 1919-1932.


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