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Emily Montgomerie

Emily Montgomerie


I am a PhD student, starting in September 2023 at the division of Environmental communication, within the project Between trust and distrust – Expectations and knowledge coordination in policy production and governance of climate change and biodiversity problems. I will study how trust and distrust is co-created in social interaction, both online on social media and in real-life situations, especially in collaborative processes. 


Before starting as a PhD student I worked as a research assistants in the following projects (all but the first are part of the research programme Mistra Environmental Communication):

  • The practice of dialogue
  • Dialogues in governance for sustainability
    • How facilitators perform in authority in collaborative processes
  • Communication for sustainable consumption
    • How communication officers and environmental strategists working with campaigns for sustainable consumption talk about their communication practices
  • Are we on the same page? How hunters and their organization communicate over data
    • In collaboration with Svenska jägareförbundet


2021-current (on temporary leave) Research assistant, SLU div of Environmental communication

2018-2021 Course administrator, Karolinska Institutet

MSc. (2018) Environmental communication, Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet

BSc. (2015) Ecology, Uppsala universitet campus Gotland


Doctoral Student, Research Assistant, Research Assistant leave of absence at the Department of Urban and Rural Development; Division of Environmental Communication
Telephone: +4618673267, +46765068862
Postal address:
Inst för stad och land, Box 7012
Visiting address: Ulls väg 27, Uppsala

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