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Desirée Ferrari

Desirée Ferrari
Desiree Ferrari is a veterinary clinician at UDS and a PhD student at the department of Clinical Sciences, and her research is about how to optimize the treatment of pain in dogs during cesarean section and during lactation.


The research projectis focused on the secretion of carprofen in the milk of lactating bitches, and the concentration of the same medicine in the suckling puppies' plasma; the renal function of puppies whose mothers have been treated with clinical doses of carprofen will also be assessed.


 Desiree participate in the anesthesia teaching for both veterinary students and veterinary nurses at SLU. 


Desiree has completed a "Steg 1 Specialist" program and is residency trained in veterinary anesthesia. 

Selected publications

Ferrari, Desiree; Lundgren, Sandra; Holmberg, Johanna et al 2022 Concentration of carprofen in the milk of lactating bitches after cesarean section and during inflammatory conditions Research article (Peer reviewed) DOI: 10.1016/j.theriogenology.2022.01.016


Doctoral Student, Clinical Veterinarian at the University Animal Hospital; Small Animal Clinic Doctoral Student, Clinical Veterinarian at the Department of Clinical Sciences; Anestesiologi
Telephone: +4618672680
Postal address:
Smådjurskliniken, Box 7040
750 07 Uppsala
Visiting address: Ultuna Allén 5A, Uppsala
Postal address:
Box 7054
75007 Uppsala