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Amanda Gabriel

Amanda Gabriel
Lecturer in Environmental Psychology, working with teaching and research at the Department of People and Society at SLU Alnarp & HUB Coordinator at SLU Urban Futures.


Amanda Gabriel is a lecturer in environmental psychology working as a Master program course leader. Amanda also works across transformative health research projects and initiatives in urban landscapes. Amanda is working as a HUB Coordinator with SLU's Urban Futures platform, which is part of the unit for Collaboration and Development.

Amanda focuses on qualitative methods and transdisciplinary approaches to research to tackle the understanding of use, experience of place, and the application of environmental psychology for urban health. Amanda works with projects about the transformation of environments to promote health experiences and behaviors for children.

Amanda is currently engaging in different international research projects related to the children´s experiences and use of green, urban and digital spaces with a focus on socially sustainable urban development. Amanda is a part of the Research group Regreen: Nature Based Solutions, and the transdisciplinary project HUS.

Amanda co-produces the environmental psychology podcast Human-Land

Amanda is a leader of the initiative for landscape educators at the Slu Teaching Synergy Forum, with the aim to promote modern and collaborative teaching situations. 

Mårtensson F., Ode Sang Å.,
Hedblom M., Wiström B., Litsmark,
A., Gabriel, A. (forthcoming) Listen, learn and modify - an interactive process of co-creating nature-based settings with children and experts in an outdoor landscape laboratory in Sweden  

Hållbar utevistelse vid storförskolor – ”HUS”

Digitala och Fysiska Lekmiljöer

Pálsdóttir, A.M., Gabriel, A., Digerfeldt, K., Borodina, I., Liedman, L., Peter, S., Redmo, L., Almqvist, S., Nilsson, K., Jeppson, S., Fragapane, S., Schimidt, A., Lundqvist, P., Weisend, A., Barret, L., Guardini, B., Alsadius, K., Axelsson, K., Georgii, E., Pousini, G., Thoma, E. and Dolling, A. (2022). Urban green spaces – the aspects of incorporating nature in urban planning for developing sustainable and resilient living environments. LTV-Fakultetens Faktablad nr 2. Inst. För Människa och samhälle (IMS), SLU.

Pálsdóttir, A.M., Litsmark, A.,  Engel, L., Jönsson, A., Mugove Matapo, A., Wetterberg, A., Larsson, L., Marcuson, A., Gabriel, Hansson, C., Hultin, L., Crawley, E., Bellman,  K., Nygårds, N., Neldeborn, E., Mui, K. and Lidfors, L. (2019). Nature and Animal assisted intervention. -Students´ perspective on nature and human health. LTV-Fakultetens Faktablad nr. 12, Inst. Arbetsvetenskap, ekonomi och miljöpsykologi, SLU



Master of Science in Landscape architecture with a focus on environmental psychology - SLU. Outdoor Environments for Health and Well-being.

Master of Arts in Media and Communication and the cultural industries, with a focus on critical discoursive analysis - Malmö University.

Bachelor's degree in literary studies, an interdisciplinary program focusing on humanities, social sciences and psychology - UNICAMP and Sorbonne Nouvelle.


Lecturer at the Department of People and Society
Telephone: +4640415233, +46735186432
Postal address:
Box 190
234 22 Lomma
Visiting address: Slottsvägen 5, Alnarp