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Alina Koch

Alina Koch
I am a researcher at the Centre for Pesticides in the Environment (CKB) at SLU. My work combines analytical chemistry and ecology to study effects of pesticides in aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems in Sweden.


My research focuses on environmental pollutants and their impact on the environment. During my PhD I studied PFAS and their biotransfer from aquatic to terrestrial ecosystems. Now I assess pesticides as they occur in the field and their direct and indirect impact on non-target organisms (i.e. aquatic bioiflm and invertebrate communities or pollinators). Additionally, I explore assessment criteria for ecological impacts of pesticides for environmental risk assessment (ERA). 




  • A field study that combines pesticide concentration in aquatic invertebrates and biofilm, pesticide application data, taxonomic data as well as biolgical indexes to assess impact of pesticides on aquatic communities. 

Biofilm study

  • A field study in which we investigate changes in aquatic biofilm community composition throughout a whole pesticide application period. 


  • The European Partnership for the Assessment of Risks from Chemicals (PARC) aims to advance research, share knowledge, and improve skills in chemical risk assessment. My involvment is in project 6.4.4. Risk assessment to support and promote efficient overall protection of biodiversity

Biofilter project

  • Reducing pesticide transport from agricultural drainage systems using biofilters 


  • Invloment in CKB´s pollinator project AirBeeSafe and other collaboration with Lund University.