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Alfred Sandström

Alfred Sandström
I work with fish, fisheries and lake ecosystems.


My main interest is the interactions between people and their local environments and how this is manifested in the large lakes of Sweden and to a lesser extent coastal areas of the Baltic Sea. More specifically, I have been working with the dynamics of littoral as well as pelagic parts of aquatic ecosystems with particular emphasis on fisheries, spatial variability and environmental disturbances.


Collaborative research involving fisheries stakeholders.

Impact of grazing animals (cattle) on biodiversity and fish recruitment in shallow habitats.

Environmental analysis

Assessment of freshwater fisheries.

Environmental and human-induced impacts on freshwater fishes.



With numerous local, regional and national authorities involved in the governance of Sweden´s aquatic ecosystems. Collaboration with fisheries stakeholders.


I took my PhD at Åbo Akademi University in Turku Finland in Marine Ecology with Physiology as a secondary topic. Since July 2011, I have worked as a researcher at SLU-Aqua. During the years 2019-2021 on temporary leave working for the County Adm. Board of Stockholm (implementing fisheries management plans for L. Mälaren/Hjälmaren and Stockholm archipelago).


I have supervised a number of master students and been assistant supervisor to a PhD-student.

Selected publications

Sandström A., P. Phillipson. A. Asp. T. Axenrot. A. Kinnerbäck. H. Ragnarsson-Stabo & K. Holmgren. (2016). Assessing the potential of remote sensing derived water quality data to explain variations in fish assemblages and to support fish status assessments in large lakes. Hydrobiologia, DOI: 10.1007/s10750.

Kao, YC., Rogers, M.W., Bunnell, D.B... Sandström, A. et al. (2020). Effects of climate and land-use changes on fish catches across lakes at a global scale. Nature Communications 11, 2526.

Sandström, A., Norrgård, J., Axenrot, T., Setzer, M., Jonsson, T. (2020). Getting Choosy About Whitefish in Lake Vättern. Using Participatory Approaches to Improve Fisheries Selectivity. In: Holm, P., Hadjimichael, M., Linke, S., Mackinson, S. (eds) Collaborative Research in Fisheries. MARE Publication Series, vol 22. Springer, Cham.


Researcher at the Department of Aquatic Resources; Enheten för Stora sjöar
Telephone: +46104784241
Postal address:
Sötvattenslaboratoriet, Stångholmsvägen 2