30 May

Uppsala or online

Crop Production Ecology Seminar: Our five subjects

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You are very welcome to the last Crop Production Ecology seminar before the summer break. We meet on 30 May at 15.00 in Tammsalen or via Zoom.

In this seminar each professor of our five subjects will give a brief reflection on ongoing work and inspire the way of future direction.

On nutrient limitations of crop growth and yield – dreaming of a peep hole into a dynamic and biodiverse crop nutritional space – Martin Weih

I will here give some insight into our ongoing research on nutrient (co-)limitation of crop growth modulated by microbes, an exciting new project about legume innovations for future agri-food systems, and the possibilities to explore crop and agri-ecosystem nutrient dynamics in space and time using hyperspectral imaging.

Weeds in complex cropping systems – Göran Bergkvist

The dependence on soil tillage, mineral fertilisers and pesticides in current agriculture must be reduced to maintain the function of pesticides, reduce environmental impact and adapt to a changing climate. I will present glimpses of on-going work that has the overall aim to develop productive cropping systems with soil covered with plants during large part of the year and that regulate weeds with less environmental impacts and improved ecosystem functions compared to current practices.

Can agroforestry contribute to sustainable development in sloping upland areas of the Mekong region? – Ingrid Öborn

Market-based agroforestry with contour farming techniques has been introduced to reduce soil degradation, increase productivity, improve food security, and aid in climate-change mitigation and adaptation. Successful adoption at a larger scale requires adaptation to local agro-ecological conditions, farming practices, interests of local people and on viable market chains for products.

Drought resilience and forages – David Parsons

I will talk about how drought affects forages in Nordic countries, and what we can do about it. This will include a discussion about species selection, irrigation, and management. Finally I will talk about research needs and what we are planning in our research group.

TBD – Theo Verwijst


Time: 2024-05-30 15:00 - 16:30
City: Uppsala or online


Fede Berckx

Postdoctor at the Department of Crop Production Ecology; Plant Ecology; SLU

E-mail: fede.berckx@slu.se