15 May

Loftet, Alnarpsgården, Alnarp

Agroecology day

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Agroecology Day is an annual day of learning, inspiration, connection and food, brought to life by the students of the agroecology master’s program at SLU, campus Alnarp.


Agroecology Day 2024, Agroecology and Regeneration: synergies, practices, and implementation

Hear from Anders Højlund Andersen on regenerative farming, education, and co-operation in Denmark; Clara Nicholls on agroecological practices for climate resilience in Latin America; and Charles van de Kerkhof on exploring the potential of regenerative agriculture with specific examples from Skåne. 

Join us during lunch for a showcase of local producers and organizations, and a seed swap session.

Lunch will be provided by Amapola Bageri, a local-, organic-, and sourdough-based bakery owned and operated by an agroecology student and fika will be provided by Plantkaféet.

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Helena Carlsson, Student - Agroecology Master’s Programme
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences