27 Mar

PO Bäckström, samt Marken, Umeå (Ultuna koppas upp)

Let's talk science! Rewetting peatlands – does it benefit the climate?

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THE SEMINAR IS IN ENGLISH. The rewetting of peatlands have in recent time become an issue for societal debate. How are emissions from organic soils calculated and reported? What empirical results are available? What are the consequences of restoring peatlands? Mattias Lundblad and Järvi Järveoja will present the current state-of-the-art.

Let's talk science! is a seminar series initiated by the Faculty of forest sciences to invigorate the scientific conversation within SLU. All staff and students are welcome to join. Colleagues from Alnarp and Ultuna will be able to join from SLU locations (TBA).

Mattias Lundblad, department of soil and environment, focuses his research on estimation of carbon budgets and greenhouse gas balances for different land use categories. He is also responsible for estimating emissions and removals from the LULUCF-sector for the annual reporting to UNFCCC and EU on behalf of the Swedish EPA.

Järvi Järveojas’ research is focused on improving our understanding on how rewetting affects the biogeochemistry and greenhouse gas dynamics of drained peatland forests in the boreal region of Sweden. She is based at the department for forest ecology and management.

For participation in Ultuna: The room Marken at the MVM Centre.
For participation in Alnarp: Due to a booking conflict it will not be possible to participate from Alnarp this time.
There will be no Zoom-link.

Note that the starting time is 13.00, not 14.00 as was stated earlier.


Time: 2024-03-27 13:00 - 14:00
City: Umeå (Ultuna koppas upp)
Location: PO Bäckström, samt Marken
Organiser: Faculty of Forest Sciences

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