24 Mar

Kronan A315, Umeå och Zoom

CERE sem: Jurate Jaraite

Department of Economics, Umeå School of Business, Economics and Statistics, Umeå University, Vilnius University

Title: Behavioral Interventions and Market Efficiency: The Case of a Volatile Retail Electricity Market



Time: 2023-03-24 13:00 - 14:00
City: Umeå och Zoom
Location: Kronan A315
Organiser: CERE
Additional info:

The Centre for Environmental and Resource Economics (CERE) seminar series invites researchers from all corners of the world who are active within the Environmental and Resource Economics field to hold a seminar and take part in discussions. The seminars take place biweekly, lasts for about one hour and are open to one and all either on site in Umeå or via Zoom.

More information about the seminar can be found on CERE.se

Contact: Adan Martinez Cruz, adan.martinez.cruz@slu.se