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20 Nov

Ulls hus A303 , Uppsala

Researcher Workshop – Green dreams and workforce realities - Swedish forests and forest labour

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Welcome to a workshop with the SLU Future Forests platform, this time focusing on Sweden, the EU, forest land, forest labour and possible future research agendas.

This is Future Forests' platform where we discuss new research networks and projects over coffee and tea. This time the subject is Sweden, the EU, forest land, forest labour as well as possible future research topics. 

The workshop is open for researchers interested in dialogue and future research collaborations from all SLU campuses, Umeå University and Skogforsk. Register below.  

What is the future research and what can be our interesting interdisciplinary approach to the following subjects?

  • Defining the concept of "green dreams" in the context of Swedish forests in brief:
    • Different aspects of the vision and ideals associated with Swedish forest industry. (related to sustainability, environment, economy etc. of Swedish forest industry)
  • Workforce realities in Swedish forests and transformations:
    • Transformations in Swedish forest labour within three or four decades.
    • Diversity of tasks and roles performed by forest labourers in Sweden.
    • Statistics and insights about the prevailing composition of the forest labour force, including the participation of migrant workers. (local labour, migrant labour, gender perspectives of forest labour in Sweden)
    • Labour conditions, problems and social responsibility:
      • Working conditions and labour rights within the Swedish forest industry. (wages, safety measures, and opportunities for forest labour)’
      • Diverse actors connected to Swedish forest labour (forestry companies, government, forest owners, EU etc.)
      • Migrant labour conditions and regulations (related to both Sweden and EU)
    • Balancing “green dreams” and labour needs (connecting to SDGDs):
      • Catering labour needs
      • Addressing practical aspects of labour within the Swedish forest industry.

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