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Doing research differently: what can be done to maximise the impact of research

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SLU Global invites you to an intensive three-day in-person workshop 30 May -  1 June in Uppsala. The workshop will give you the opportunity to learn about some of the theories and approaches which could help you maximise the impact of your research.

The registration for the workshop is closed.

The workshop will be based on an approach called the RAPID Outcome Mapping Approach (ROMA). It is essentially a Deming Cycle for research, though simplified into 3 stages: Diagnosing the problem, Developing a strategy for change, and Establishing a monitoring and learning system so you can check that you are on track and can change course as necessary.

The workshop will include a combination of plenary presentations and discussions, group work trying out approaches and tools with other participants, and individual work applied to your own project, with the facilitator on hand to provide additional advice if necessary. Case study examples from researchers at SLU will be used to illustrate good practice. Communication and other support staff will be encouraged to provide practical inputs.

As participant, you are expected to bring an example of a project that you are currently working on, to the workshop, and by the end you should have developed an outline policy impact plan.

The course will include:

Facilitator and workshop leader

The workshop will be led by John Young who is the Executive Director of INASP. He previously spent 17 years developing and leading the Research and Policy in Development (RAPID) programme at the Overseas Development Institute (ODI). Prior to that, John was based in Sri Lanka, Kenya and Indonesia for nearly 20 years, developing, implementing and testing new approaches to rural development and decentralized public services.


Time: 2022-05-30 00:00 - 2022-06-01
City: SLU Uppsala
Organiser: SLU Global
Additional info:

• Limited number, maximum 20 places.
• First come, first served, but preferably we would like to see an even representation of staff from all parts of SLU. If you are admitted to the workshop, we want you to participate in all parts during the three days.
• Registration is binding.
• SLU Global can cover travel/accommodation costs for participants from Umeå and Alnarp. Please contact global@slu.se if you want to apply for reembursement.
• Last day for registration is 19 April.

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