Outside LARK's lunchroom on floor 1 in Ulls hus, Ultuna

Silent film screening at Campus Ultuna: Balettprimadonnan

Take the chance to see a silent film at lunch! Culture @ Campus shows Mauritz Stiller's classic "Balettprimadonnan" from 1916.

Balettprimadonnan is a newly restored silent film in which Jenny Hasselquist plays a peasant girl who completes her graduation exams at the ballet academy to the accompaniment of the violinist Lars Hanson, who finds a rival in Count Orsky, who takes a liking to the dancer.

Everyone who works or studies at SLU is welcome. The film screening takes place outside LARK's lunchroom on floor 1 in Ulls hus.



Time: 2022-12-08 12:15 - 12:50
City: Ultuna
Location: Outside LARK's lunchroom on floor 1 in Ulls hus
Organiser: Culture @ Campus
Additional info:

The event is part of Culture @ Campus, which is a collaboration between the SLU University Library, the IT department and the education department. The aim is to inspire and bring joy to our campus through various cultural events.

No registration is required.

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