16 Nov


Webinar: Research data and Swedish law, GDPR and immaterial rights

Welcome to the third part of a webinar series on good data management. Learn more about how the Swedish law, GDPR, and immaterial rights may affect research data management.

Research documents, including articles and underlying data, are official documents at SLU. There are archival requirements as for official documents from, for instance, education and university administration. In this webinar, you will learn about other legal aspects with regard to research data. Researchers often process personal data – either directly, performing surveys or interview, or indirectly, collecting information from landowners or animal owners.

Most of us have come across GDPR but probably do not know what you must, can, and cannot do with personal data according to the law and SLU regulations. Further, we will go through the basics about immaterial or intellectual property rights, business patents, and copyright when it comes to research data. There will also be time for questions.

Speakers: Henrik Leffler and Simon Åkerblom (SLU Legal affairs), Hanna Östholm (Data Management Support).

SLU webinar series: ”Zoom in on research data management”

This autumn, SLU employees are invited to a webinar series about good research data management practices. Take the opportunity to hear about the following topics:

  • Data management as part of open science, FAIR data and good research practice – an introduction (28 September 10.00-11.30)
  • The principle of public access to official documents – can anyone ask for your research material? (26 October 10.00-11.30)
  • Research data and Swedish law, GDPR and immaterial rights (16 November 10.00-11.30)
  • Kom igång med din datahanteringsplan (6 December 10.00-11.30)
  • Get started with your data management plan (7 December 10.00-11.30)

More information and recordings and documentation from previous webinars.

The series is arranged by Data Management Support (DMS) together with SLU archivists and legal counsel. DMS is a unit at the SLU University library that assists SLU staff and students with managing scientific data.


Time: 2022-11-16 10:00 - 11:30
City: Zoom

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