Agricultural contamination from pesticides to micro pollutants

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Over the past decades, chemicals are used to optimize agricultural production to meet the ever-growing demands for food, feed, and fibres. These chemicals accumulate in the environment and move through every compartment including air, soil, surface waters, and groundwater. While these chemicals help boost food production, they can have adverse impacts on water quality, non-targeted plants and animals, and can be associated with negative human health effects. Watch the seminars on Youtube!

The Crop Production Ecology Seminars is a free and online platform for scientific debate about agricultural production and sustainability between academics, stakeholders, and the general public.

In this seminar we will discuss agricultural contamination with recent insights in the following talks:

The widespread of pesticide contamination

Fiona Tang
Department of Crop Production Ecology, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Watch Fiona´s talk on Youtube

Emergent pollutants, the case of microplastics in the terrestrial environment

Esperanza Huerta Lwanga
Department of Environmental Sciences, Wageningen University.

Watch Esperanza´s talk on Youtube