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Open trial lectures for the position as professor of veterinary epidemiology

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The Department of Clinical Sciences is in the process of recruiting a professor of veterinary epidemiology and invites to three candidates' trial lectures. The theme of the lectures is "Trends and developments within veterinary epidemiology in the coming 10 years including SLU's potential development in the area."

The lectures will be held in English and are open to everyone. To join the Zoom Webinar, you need to register your participation by using the following link:

If time permits, each lecture will be followed by a five-minute question time where the audience have the opportunity to ask questions to the lecturer in the zoom chat function.


08: 30–08: 50
Matthew Low

09: 00–09: 20
Johanna Lindahl

09: 30–09: 50
Nils Fall


Time: 2021-04-20 08:25 - 09:50
City: Ultuna
Location: Zoom
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