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Scientific theatre: The infinite meadow

Antonio Irre, Italian artist and researcher, is starting a cooperation with Velemir Ninkovic about plant communication. Antonio is visiting Sweden now and will perform a play called “the infinite meadow”.

Ninkovic and his colleagues are studying interactions between plant neighbours and between plants, insects and their natural enemies. How plants communicate by for example chemical signals. The aim is to develop sustainable crop protection strategies based on plant communication.

Antonie Irre will together with the research group explore the subject from a scientific and artistic view. This is certainly an exciting project för SLU and the department of Ecology!

Visit in Sweden

Antonio is now in Sweden on his first visit in connection with the project and he will perform a play. You can watch a trailer in Italian but the play will be in English. It is 20 minutes and everyone is welcome. 

“I welcome you to the infinite meadow, cellogastronomic and enopulvometric route discovering the secrets that are hidden under the petals of a daisy”


What is the play about?

Open air performance inspired by the Methamorphosis of Plants by Goethe and Palomar by Calvino, and by the Theory of Complexity. It´s reflection on nature and the human being between art and science.

Welcome! Take the chance to do something different after work. It´s for free.

We will limit the number of participants to 30 so that we can follow the Corona guidelines.


Time: 2020-08-19 16:00 - 16:30
City: Uppsala
Location: The knowledge garden
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