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Workshop on enhanced collaboration structure – Umeå

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How can a strengthened internal collaboration structure facilitate our collaboration with external parties, be a support for research, education and environmental analysis and at the same time make it easier to find your way into SLU? A number of workshops are planned in Alnarp, Uppsala and Umeå during the spring to address these issues.

It is the Deputy Vice-Chancellor and the Dean at S Faculty thats invites to this meeting.

Deputy Vice-Chancellor Erik Fahlbeck says: – Today, the Swedish universities are expected to work actively with collaboration, and SLU has received deserved praise for its interaction with actors outside the academy. But we should do even more. We have competences that are so central to many of today's major issues. We have high competence, we have good contacts and we work with the relevant issues. We at SLU can develop and deepen our collaboration for an even greater impact in society – so come and discuss how we can proceed.

We join in a workshop on how external collaboration can be strengthened through an enhanced structure proposed in December 2018 from the project "SLU Samverkan".

The workshop will focus on the following three issues:

  • Proposal for a new collaboration secretary function at SLU.
  • Proposal on the organization and placement of the collaboration secretaries.
  • Proposals for central support functions for the co-operation secretaries and for the administrative support of the institutions.

All interested are welcome to participate.

The workshop is led by Deputy Vice-Chancellor Erik Fahlbeck and Collaborative Coordinator Mariette Manktelow. The language in the workshop will be Swedish.

Please register no later than one day before the meeting is held. You must be logged in to be able to register. You log in high up to the right of the staff web. Here is the link https://internt.slu.se/en/

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Time: 2019-05-24 14:00 - 15:30
City: Umeå
Location: Sälgen
Additional info:

The report

Last December, the report on the enhanced collaboration was completed. Click here to read or download it. (In Swedish)

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Mariette Manktelow, collaboration coordinator, Division of Planning, SLU
mariette.manktelow@slu.se, +46(0) 18-67 18 54, +46(0) 76-117 94 49