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Sunnersta Herrgård, Uppsala

CBC Writeshop: When is it biological control?

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The Centre for Biological Control, CBC, arranges a writeshop on the subject "When is it biological control?" SLU researchers that work within the area or have a strong interest in biological control are encouraged to participate. The aim is to produce a publication.

Biological control, or biocontrol, is the use of living organisms to control pests and pathogens. However, because new biological, or semi-biological, control approaches are emerging at a fast pace, there is a need to clarify the terminology that surrounds the concept.

In order to discuss, clarify and update the terminology CBC organizes a writeshop in Uppsala. All SLU researchers that work with, or have a strong interest in, biological control are encouraged to submit an application to participate in the writeshop.

The aim of the writeshop

The goal is to produce a publication dealing with the following (and related) questions:

  • Should indirect effects of control agents be classified as biological control? Examples of such indirect effects include situations when plant resistance is induced (“vaccination”) by living organisms.
  • Should the use of genes, semiochemicals, or other substances from living organisms be classified as biological control?
  • Should natural control be classified as biological control?
  • How is the concept “biopesticides” usually defined, and how is it related to biological control?
  • Is Eilenberg’s systematic classification from 2001 of classical, inundative, inoculation, and conservation biological control optimal, and how are these terms used in the literature?
  • Should non-living agents (e.g. viruses) be classified as biocontrol agents?

Please note that the number of participants is limited, meaning that CBC may have to make a selection of the most suitable applicants.

Read more about the Centre for Biological Control, CBC, here.

The sign up is now closed.

Time: 2019-11-12 - 2019-11-13
City: Uppsala
Location: Sunnersta Herrgård
Organiser: CBC, The Centre for Biological Control
Last signup date: 30 April 2019
Price: Accommodation and travelling expenses for all participants will be covered by CBC. Lunches and dinner is included.
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