What's for lunch?

Last changed: 16 October 2018

Hungry? Here is a list of restaurants and cafés on SLU's campuses. At the bottom of the page you'll find a list of places to eat close by the campuses.


Restaurang Alnarp

Opening hours: Monday-Friday 07.30-15.30
Lunch 11.00-13.30
Tel. 040-46 08 62 www.alnarp.se/


Best Western Jula Hotel & Konferens/Restaurang Pinot Blanc

Connys Kalaskök

Coop Kök & Café Skara


At the reception desk, tel 0511-67100 or service-skara@slu.se, you can also order catering (sandwiches, fika or lunch).


Amigo in Ulls hus

On the ground floor of Ulls hus, close to the elevators is the store Amigo. Serves coffee, tea, smoothies and other beverages, as well as pies, sallads, sandwiches etc.
Open: Monday-Thursday 8-17, Friday 8-16. 

  • Amigo is connected to Karma, and provides food with soon-to-be-expired date, yesterdays sandwiches etc. at a reduced price. Sign up by downloading the Karma app to your mobile phone if you want to take advantage of this.

Café Moccado

Situated in the VHC-building on Ulls väg 26. Serves coffee, tea, smoothies and other beverages, as well as pies, sallads, sandwiches etc.
Open: Monday-Friday 8-16.

Dr Falafel

Dr Falafel's foodtruck is outside the VHC building on Monday-Friday 10.30-15.00. 

Matverkstan on Ultuna

Matverkstan is situated on Ulls väg 4, close by VMF, Veterinärmedicinska föreningen (the veterinary students' union). The menu is here: 

Portuguese foodtruck 

A foodtruck on the parking space outside Green Innovation Park (Ulls väg 29) serves rodizio, entrecôte, hamburgers, salmon, sallads etc. 
Open Monday-Friday 11:00-16:00.

The Broker Coffee Bar

A coffee roastery that serves coffe, tea, sandwiches and soup, in SOL's old premises on Ulls väg 28A. Read more at www.facebook.com/thebrokercoffeeroastery/.
Opening hours: Monday-Friday 8.30-16, Saturday 11-16. 

Ull's restaurant

Ull's restaurant is situated on Duhrevägen 8.
See the current week´s menu.


Hansson and Hammar

Restaurant on floor 3 of "Skogishuset", Campus Umeå, www.hanssonohammar.se

Kafé KBC

KBC-building, http://www.gncatering.se/sv/vara-cafeer.htm
Opening hours: Monday-Friday kl. 08.00-16.00

Real Juice and Food

IKSU, https://www.facebook.com/realjuicefood

The Little Indian

Teknikhuset, http://thelittleindian.se
Opening hours: Monday-Friday kl. 08.00 - 15.30


Universum in Umeå offers today's lunch. Opening hours: Monday-Friday 10.30-13.30. Universum

Do you have tips on lunch places to add to the list? Write to webbredaktionen@slu.se.

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