SLU Holding

Last changed: 31 May 2018

The university's successful research is made available to society through various products and services. SLU Holding is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the university with a mission to support this.

SLU Holding creates economic growth, social development and welfare through the commercialisation of inventions, products and services generated from inventors, innovators and entrepreneurs at the university. SLU Holding offers business and legal support as well as support in relation to intellectual property rights, operations and negotiations.

Ideas and business concepts that are in an early stage of development often need seed capital for patent applications and verifications. SLU Holding can help you find capital that matches your needs.

As a researcher at a Swedish university, you own the intellectual assets that are generated by your research. This means that you have a unique opportunity to utilise your research findings.

If you do not want to run a business yourself, SLU Holding can take responsibility for developing your idea.

For more information, please contact SLU Holding.