How to login to Proceedo

Last changed: 08 November 2022

All users are logging in via the Proceedo portal (which is reached by the Proceedo button on the staff web). Click the Login button and use your AD-login.
Approvers and financial administrators who are approving requisitions do no longer need the special Proceedo login.

You can log in via mobile or tablet as well as from the computer, the functionality is the same.

You can also log in directly to the system, without passing the Proceedo portal, by using the Proceedo link under Tools and systems on the Staff web.

You can log in even if you haven't got authority to place orders, you will then see a limited view of the system, mainly the start page.

The new version of Proceedo 2.0 has a web interface and is no longer using Java. You can use any browser you choose.



If you have questions on purchasing please contact the Purchasing unit at

For questions regarding order and purchasing in Proceedo contact