Purchase of computers and accessories

Last changed: 12 January 2024

IT-Support offers desktop and laptop computers that are specially chosen for high quality, sturdiness, high-performance as well as competitively prised with deep rebates from the manufacturer. These are then certified by IT-support to assure that they work well with SLU systems.

IT-support recommends that you replace your computer no earlier than when it is 4-5 years old. It is often then that the guaranty has expired and the manufacturer no longer supports the computer with security patches and updates. The result is that the computer becomes a potential security risk. 

SLU has a contract with Atea for purchase of IT products.

Ateas webshop can be found at https://www.atea.se/eshop. Login with our SLU guest account to see SLU's rebates and specifications for our selected computer models. Contact IT-servicedesk for the guest account login and password.  (The password has been updated most recently Jan 2024)

Orders are placed via your IT-support. IT-servicedesk can be contacted via e-post to it-stod@slu.se 

Our SLU collection of computers have a generous rebate, longer guaranties and are chosen for their environmental aspects among other criteria. 

When placing an order, please include information on account (kostnadsställe) and project number (projektnummer).


IT-support, SLU

Directsupport: 018-67 6600 option 1

E-mail: support@slu.se