File synchronization

Last changed: 11 February 2022

When you work with your laptopwithout being connected to the network it may be convenient to have access to your files. Therefore, there is a feature in Windows that creates a local copy on your computer, of the "My Documents"folder located on the server.

The copy is updated each time you connect your computer to the network. Files that have been changed locally or on the network synchronizes so that there’s only one version of the files in both locations.

Sync conflicts

In Win 7 or Win 10, it happens sometimes that the files differ between the computer and the storage server. 

This will create, what we call, a sync conflict. It’s not as dangerous as it sounds, because it’s simply your computers way of telling you that the file versions differ. 

It's not unusal that these events occurs during your work day. However it is important that you resolve these conflicts so that there’s only one version of the files in both locations, the version that you want to keep.

  • Watch the movie below for further information (subtitles in English).


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