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SLU Play

The purpose of the SLU Play service is to make available video material that may be of interest both internally at SLU (AD authorization-controlled) and externally, such as student recruitment, holidays, live broadcasts, lectures, research, environmental analysis, etc.

SLU Play


The IT department and the Department of Learning and Digitization (LD) have for a couple of years managed two separate Play services at SLU. Partly a general video platform and partly an internal platform focused on educational material. As the platforms' functionality has developed and the cooperation between the departments has been strengthened, it has been decided that, IT and LD together with the communications department, will migrate the platforms to a unified SLU Play service that is managed jointly.

SLU Play

SLU Play allows employees at SLU to upload, record and broadcast live lectures, meetings and events.

Several different permission levels can be set for recordings and live broadcasts to control who can take it from the material on the Play portal.
Common eligibility levels are, for example, Public, Only SLU employees / students and Closed groups.

Published: 13 April 2022 - Page editor: support@slu.se