Upload video

Last changed: 14 March 2022

Below is a manual for how to upload a video on SLU Play

1) Enter play.slu.se in your browser, to get to SLU's play portal.

2) Click the Login box, then Login in the drop-down menu.SLU Play Log In

3) Log in with your AD account.SLU Play AD

4) Then Login is replaced with your name and the Add New button is displayed.

5) If you then click on your name, the drop-down menu with My Media, My Playlists, My Channels, My History, and Logout will appear.

SLU Play Menu

6) Click Add New, then you get five choices in the drop-down menu. Media Upload, YouTube, Kaltura Capture, Live Event, and Video Quiz.SLU Play Menu

7) Click Media Upload to upload a video file.SLU Play Upload

8) Click on Choose a file to upload and find the file you want to upload. Or just drag the file and drop it somewhere in the box.Upload

  • Write a title, description and add at least one tag. You can add links and link images in the description.
  • If you want the video to be published only for a period, fill in the Specific Time Frame under the Publishing Schedule.
  • If several users should be able to be responsible for the video, then add that user with Add Collaborator and check the boxes Co-Editor, Co-Publisher and Co-Viewer.

9) Scroll down and press Save.SLU Play Upload

10) Choose how the video should be published.

  • Private – the video is only visible to the owner
  • Unlisted – the video is only visible to the owner and those who have the direct link
  • Published – the video is visible or public depending on the settings of the channel or category selected.


11) If you choose to have the video Published then you may publish to channels you own or are authorized to contribute video material too.

12) If you want the video to be published in a category, then add the user Uservice (AV-stod Stöd) as Collaborator. Then you send an email to support@slu.se with which categories are suitable for the video's content.

13) All uploaded videos can be found where you have chosen to publish them and under My Media.