Edit media page

Last changed: 14 March 2022

Below is a manual on how to edit a video's media page on SLU Play

1) Enter play.slu.se in your browser, to get to SLU's play portal.

2) Click the Login box, then Login in the drop-down menu.SLU Play Log In

3) Log in with your AD account.SLU Play AD

4) Then Login is replaced with your name and the Add New button is displayed.

5) If you then click on your name, the drop-down menu with My Media, My Playlists, My Channels, My History, and Logout will appear.

SLU Play Menu

6) Click on My Media and locate the video you want to edit.SLU Play Actions

7) Click on Action and Edit, then you enter the edit mode.SLU Play Media Page

8) Under Details you can edit the Title, Description, Tags, and Schedule for publication.SLU Play Media Page

9) Under Publish you edit how the video is published.SLU Play Media Page

10) Under Options you can make the video available to anyone who is logged in to create a clip from the original.SLU Play Media Page

11) Under Collaboration you can add users who have the right to edit the video and you can change the owner of the video.

If you change owners without adding yourself as a Collaborator, the video disappears from your My Media.SLU Play Media Page

12) Under Thumbnails you can upload a new standard thumbnail to the video. Otherwise, you can take a picture or auto-generate a picture from the timeline.

You can download the thumbnail image used.  SLU Play Media Page

13) Under Download you can make the video downloadable. Only for users who are logged in on play.slu.se.SLU Play Media Page

14) Under Captions you upload or download subtitle files. You can also access the subtitle editor.SLU Play Media Page

15) Under Attachments you can upload files that complement the video. For example, a presentation file, photos, or text files.SLU Play Media Page

16) Under Timeline you can add chapters to the video.SLU Play Media Page

17) Under Replace media you can upload and replace existing video files. For example, if you have downloaded the video and edited it, but you do not want new links to the video when you upload it again. SLU Play Media Page

18) If you want to cut the video, press Launch Editor.SLU Play Media Page