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SASi-SPi Science Policy Lab in Malmö

Published: 14 May 2024

The first in-person Science Policy Lab event of the Initiative Sustainable Agri-Food Systems Intelligence – Science-Policy Interface will take place in Malmö Hyllie, Sweden, 18-19 June 2024. The SASi-SPi Science Policy Lab is a collaborative approach to foster dialogue and knowledge sharing among researchers, policymakers, and key stakeholders engaged in aquatic and agrifood systems.

The objective of the event is to present and reflect with participants on the conceptual framework developed by the team of Agrinatura, and how it can guide transitions towards more sustainable aquatic and agrifood systems. The event will be an opportunity for participants to share their insights on the framework and how to shift from a traditional to a systemic approach to address challenges faced in aquatic and agrifood systems and achieve positive economic, social and environmental outcomes.

The two-days event will combine presentations, panel discussions, breakout sessions with practical case studies, and networking opportunities. Collaborative and participatory methods will be used to facilitate dialogue, peer learning, knowledge sharing, and co-creation. See agenda below.

An online pre-engagement session was organized on Tuesday June 11 to introduce the Science Policy Lab approach and the main components of the conceptual framework.


Day 1

8h30 - Registration

Logistics, safety, admin issues

9h-9h30 - Welcome and introduction

9h30-10h - Presenting the S-PoL journey

10h-10h30 - Coffee break

10h30-12h - Step 1:  Framing the future (outcomes) -   Why do we need to do something? What do we want to achieve?

12h-13h30 - Lunch break

13h30-15h - Step 2:  Considering changes – What needs to happen to get there?

15h-15h30 - Coffee break

15h30-17h - Step 3:  Designing policies and interventions – How to support/drive changes?

18h/19h- Welcome dinner


Day 2

9h00-10h00 -Sharing experiences from the field

10h00-10h30 - Results of day 1, rationale of the S-PoL journey

10h30-11h - Coffee break

11h-11h30 - Reflection of the observers on the process and resulting policy interventions

11h30-12h30 - Open discussion

12h30-13h30 - Lunch break

13h30-14h45 - Key highlights of the 2 days – next steps –

14h45-15h - Closing