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Register for SciFest by 12 June

Published: 27 May 2024
Scientists talk about insects to interested audiences.

SciFest is your chance to present your research to schoolchildren and the general public. You can expect lots of questions and exciting discussions. All you need is an interesting and fun activity – and judging by previous years, Uppsala's researchers are creative! The SciFest team will help you develop your activity.

Uppsala University and SLU are organising SciFest at Fyrishov, Uppsala, from 10 to 12 October. At its peak, SciFest has attracted more than 8,500 visitors.

The science festival aims to stimulate curiosity and interest in science among children and young people – some of them hopefully future students at Uppsala University or SLU. It is a fantastic opportunity for you to meet people from outside academia – meetings that will give you both energy and new ideas. Maybe it will make it easier to write that application or article you are struggling with.

This is a great way for universities to contribute to society. Many research groups return to the festival year after year.

Interactive activities

Participation builds on enthusiastic researchers and doctoral students, an interesting activity and something that will attract people to your stand. Think about how you can present your research with the help of games, experiments, quizzes, competitions or other activities where visitors can touch, smell, listen and experience. How can the visitors contribute? Maybe they can make/build something or vote on something?

Tips and contact

SciFest is offering a workshop on 8 May where you can get tips and help to design your activity.

You can also contact Anna Lundmark, SLU's representative in the SciFest project group, if you have any questions or want to discuss ideas.

Register before 12 June at

There you will also find a lot mor information.