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Call to attend conferences related to breeding

Published: 12 April 2024

The SLU Breeding Network announces a special call to support SLU researchers, technicians and students in attending conferences related to animal or plant breeding in 2024/ the first half of 2025.

The call helps the applicants to cover the fees associated with active
participation in academic conferences related to their study or work at SLU.
The SLU Breeding Network will give awards to as many as apply and are eligible on a firstcome, first-served basis, but within the limit of the SLU Breeding Network budget for this call. Applying for an award does not ensure its acceptance.

Application deadline: 2024-11-01
Funding body: SLU Breeding Network


Who can apply?

Researchers, PhD and MSc students, postdocs, and technicians working in plant or animal breeding at SLU who are employed, on scholarship, or admitted to SLU at the time of the conference. For PhD/MSc students, postdocs and technicians, the applicant's supervisor or work leader must agree to the participant's attendance at the conference. Each applicant can submit only one application!

What can be applied for?

A maximum of 5,000 SEK per person can be applied to cover fee at scientific conference. Costs for travel or accommodation are not included in this call!

The applicant can apply for fee support to attend an online or physical conference where the participant actively presents a poster or a talk related to animal or plant breeding. The fee must be paid by the end of 2024; however, the conference may be held in 2025. The applicant must provide a document confirming the successful admission and a certificate of attendance at the conference to the SLU Breeding Network coordinator.

Application procedure

The application should be submitted prior to the start of the conference. Only the fees up to the approved sum are reimbursed.

Applications are processed as they arrive. The last day to apply is November 1, 2024. If the application is granted, the applicant receives formal confirmation that the SLU Breeding Network promises a grant of up to 5,000 SEK.

Please, send your applications to the SLU Breeding Network coordinator, Anna Maňourová (

The application must consist of a single A4 page stating:

  • The applicants' name and affiliation (department and faculty at SLU),
  • The name and affiliation of the supervisor/work leader,
  • Short description of the applicant’s research and expertise,
  • Information on the conference (name, date, place, fee, form of presentation),
  • Short description of the relevance of the conference to the professional development of the applicant.

Additionally, a letter of approval from the supervisor (PhD, MSc students) or work leader (postdocs and technicians) is required.

Further questions?

Please contact the network’s coordinator, Anna Maňourová (, or Rodomiro Ortiz (, the network’s chair.


SLU Breeding Network

Rodomiro Octavio Ortiz Rios (chair)
Department of Plant Breedig, Alnarp

María Rosario García Gil, (vice chair)
Department of Forest Genetics and Plant Physiology, Umeå

Anna Maňourová (coordinator)
Department of Plant Breeding, Alnarp