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Ready for detailed planning of the area called Northern Sunnersta

Published: 21 September 2023

Uppsala Municipality and Uppsala akademiförvaltning have entered into a so-called memorandum of intent for the area just south of the Ultuna campus. This area is being developed, including the construction of 6,000 residential units by 2050.

It's difficult to say how these plans will affect SLU at this time, but there is a working group monitoring the developments to safeguard our interests.

"Under the leadership of Martin Melkersson, Chief Operating Officer, there is a group engaged in environmental monitoring and responses to all the detailed plans being developed around Ultuna. There is also continuous coordination with the university management and relevant departments," says Peter Thorén, Head of Real Estate Management at the Real Estate Office.

Previously, the municipality had entered into a similar agreement with SLU and Akademiska hus to enable a careful development of Ultuna and an area south of Nåntuna over the next 30 years.

Read more about the developments around Ultuna and how SLU is addressing this issue.

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