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Post doc in fungal genomics wanted

Published: 09 May 2023
Yellow growths on a pine trunk. Photo.

The forest pathology group is looking for a post-doc (2-years) in fungal genomics who will study the evolution of lifecycle switch in rust fungi. The post-doc is funded by a tax-free 2-year stipend from the Carl Tryggers foundation.

This project will investigate the genomic features underlying the switch between heteroecious and autoecious lifestyles in Cronartium pini, causal agent of Scots pine blister rust. This switch in reproduction strategy is closely linked to changes in pathogenicity and host specialization, characteristics which are important for disease development.

We will use comparative genomics to analyze larger genomic rearrangements like duplications, translocations, inversions and deletions but also analyze differences in gene content, copy number variation, single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP). The results will contribute to the general understanding of evolution of the complex life cycles of rust fungi, a very intriguing fundamental question.


We are looking for a highly motivated person who has a Ph.D. in fungal genomics, evolutionary biology, bioinformatics or in similar subject relevant for the project. Documented experience in whole genome assembles, comparative genomics, as well as knowledge in programing and statistics is highly valued. The candidate should have good communication skills. Written and spoken English is required. Personal characteristics like accuracy and capacity for independent work is highly valued.

Placement and start date

The post-doc is funded by a tax-free 2-year stipend from the Carl Tryggers foundation. The starting date is flexible, ideally around 1st of September 2023. Both Swedish and International candidates are welcome, however, candidates cannot hold a current or recent employment/placement at SLU. PhD exams must have been taken within the last 6 years.

To apply

While all applications received by June 17th, 2023 will receive full consideration, applications will be accepted until the position is filled.

Selection among applicants meeting the requirements will be made with reference to the written application, which must include curriculum vitae, PDF copies of exam, a PDF copy of the dissertation, contact information of at least two references familiar with the applicant's qualifications. Selected candidates will be called for an interview. Send applications to

More information

For more information contact:

Associate Prof. Åke Olson
Deputy Director of SLU Forest Damage Centre
Department of Forest Mycology and Plant Pathology
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Phone: +46 18 671876

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Åke Olson