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SLU has appointed its first student mediators

Published: 08 September 2021

In the spring, the vice-chancellor took the decision to create the role of student mediator at the university.

The following teachers will be the first to take up the position:

  • Malin Beckman, Department of Urban and Rural Development
  • Pär Ingvarsson, Department of Plant Biology
  • Göran Hartman, Department of Ecology

“We are delighted to see the introduction of student mediators, and that these positions have been filled by people that students have great faith in,” Deputy Vice-Chancellor Karin Holmgren explains. The students’ unions were invited to nominate members of staff they would like to see in this role, and their suggestions formed the basis of the appointments.

The student mediators will assist Bachelor’s and Master’s students with questions related to their rights and responsibilities and the way students and staff behave towards each other. They are a complement to the existing student support functions.

“One typical task involves explaining the process for students brought before the Disciplinary Board, and what will happen should they be suspended from their studies.

The mediators are available to all students, regardless of their home campus, programme or course – although there is one important exemption: student mediators must not participate in matters related to their own departments.

“Many other higher education institutions already have student mediators, but the position is completely new to SLU, meaning those who have been elected will be able to shape the role and develop suitable methods for the ‘student mediator team’,” Karin Holmgren concludes.


Students can turn to the mediators if they feel they have been treated unfairly, experienced significant shortcomings, prejudice or received incorrect decisions and the standard problem-solving process proved insufficient. They can also contact the student mediator if they are experiencing other problems in their contact with teachers, members of staff and other students. Student mediators will look after the interests and rights of students, but will also remind them of their responsibilities. Visit the student web for more information about student mediators at SLU.

The position lasts for three years and eventually it will tie in with the same period as the programme director of studies.