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The Department of Economics signed a research agreement with the Institute of National Planning in Egypt

Published: 11 February 2021

On February 8th, the Department of Economics at SLU and the Institute of National Planning (INP) in Cairo (Egypt) signed an agreement for research cooperation.

The agreement is intended to establish a general framework for partnership between the two institutions to promote and facilitate collaborations in research and teaching activities. The agreement was signed by Professor Carl-Johan Lagerkvist, the head of the Department of Economics from SLU side, and Professor Amani El Rayes, the vice president of INP for Training, Consultations & Community Affairs. Both Professor Amani El Rayes (INP) and Dr Assem Abu Hatab (SLU) will serve as liaison officers to develop and coordinate specific activities and programmes for collaboration between the two sides. The agreement shall continue in effect for a period of three years, and it may be extended by mutual agreement. During the term, the agreement may be terminated by either institution upon one-year written notification to the partner institution.

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