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Project calculator 2022 with Horizon Europe (HEU) news

Published: 13 December 2021

SLU's project calculator, in Swedish and English version, is now updated to 2022 with the SLU departments' percentages for indirect costs, facility costs and social costs (LKP). A novelty in the English version of the calculator is that it has been equipped with new support for the EU Framework Program Horizon Europe (HEU).

The number of SLU-coordinated applications for the EU Framework Program has increased in recent years, and thus the need to be able to use SLU's project calculator in budgeting for large international partnerships. More than 20 partners in a consortium is not uncommon. In addition to space for a maximum of 30 external partners, the English spreadsheet version now has a report sheet for HEU where costs and person months are structured according to HEU's rules. A prerequisite for the HEU report is that the project calculator's registration sheet for operating costs has a new column for categorizing costs according to HEU's rules.

The reason why HEU support is only available in the English version is that calculation for an SLU-coordinated HEU application always involves partners outside Sweden, and therefore it always needs to be done in an English-language template. The use of SLU's project calculator also means that SLU's internal requirements are met, e.g. in the matter of co-funding.

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