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New course role and changes in the way students are enrolled in Canvas

Published: 17 December 2021

SLU has made changes in the way students are enrolled in Canvas by Ladok. Students are now enrolled to the Canvas course room when they are admitted In Ladok and then get a read only role. The enrollment for the spring semester will take place on 22 December.

This means that there is no need to manually activate Early Access any longer. By using Early Access course information can be made visible to all students before course start, regardless of if students are admitted or registered in Ladok.

Students that don’t register for the course will by default be removed from the course room 14 days after the course start date. If you don’t want admitted students in your course room remove them using the using the Early Access tool under the Administer course menu before publishing your course. A course that is not published is not visible to any students regardless of their role.

The student role in Canvas is reflected by their status in Ladok. If a student is admitted in Ladok they get the role "Ej registrerad" with read only permissions.

When the student gets registered for the course, he/she will also get the role “Student” in Canvas. This is the generic role for a student participating in a course and the student will get the normal student permissions.

These changes now means that student enrollments and permissions are automated and there should be no need for manual managing and is to be avoided.