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The corona status at SLU

Published: 22 December 2021

The new measures enacted by the Government and the Public Health Agency of Sweden on December 23, do not implicate any major changes for SLU.

The current recommendations still apply – applied with increased care in view of the epidemiological situation. The new restrictions affect SLU as follows:

  • Working from home is recommended for everyone who has the possibility until January 31. Managers decides if and when this is possible.
  • For public gatherings with over 20 participants only seated participants are allowed. Public defences of doctoral theses are considered public gatherings.
  • Regarding education and teaching the instructions for teaching and examination for period 3 2022 continue to be effective.

You can read about all infection control measures on

The Public Health Agency provides information on how institutions of higher education are affected by current measures: (In Swedish only)


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