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Those who handle explosive goods at SLU must report for assessment and approval as soon as possible

Published: 01 November 2021

Following changes to the Flammables and Explosives Act, anyone who handles explosive goods must now undergo a new assessment which will then be registered.

Time is of the essence – the assessments and approvals must be completed by 1 February 2022. This means that local coordination is necessary to be able to identify and register people with the permit issuer. The local fire and rescue services issue permits to SLU for the use of flammable and explosive goods.

All managers of operations where explosive goods are handled, must report this information and details of the relevant people to the local facility manager/building manager/equivalent local fire and security coordinator. They will then submit this information to the local fire and rescue services.

Please note that this only applies to supervisors and those who handle explosive goods, and not all handling of flammable goods.

/The Security Unit