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Vice-chancellor blog about broadened environmental assessment

Published: 25 January 2019

“Towards a better world with broadened environmental assessment” is the headline of Kevin Bishop's and Ylva Hillbur’s posts in the vice-chancellor blog. Kevin Bishop is Pro Vice-Chancellor for environmental monitoring and assessment and Ylva Hillbur is Pro Vice-Chancellor for international relations.

The pro vice-chancellors write, among other things, about the UN Agenda 2030, with 17 global goals for sustainable development. These "include three dimensions of sustainability – environmental, social and economic sustainability."

"Here, we see that there is an opportunity for SLU to contribute to Agenda 2030 by building on and developing our expertise and experience from environmental monitoring and assessment (EMA). To achieve this, we need to challenge ourselves to think beyond environmental indicators and to develop our ability to see, think and work in the three dimensions of sustainability."

Read the whole post here.

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