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Days off during spring and summer

Published: 26 April 2018

We can look forward to several days off soon, as well as some day with a reduction of working time.

This is what applies for 2018: 

Monday 30 April: Walpurgis Night (“Valborgsmässoafton”), half a working day, i.e. 4 hours reduction 

Tuesday 1 May: First May, holiday and day off 

Thursday 10 May: Ascension Day, holiday and day off 

Friday 11 May: bridge day (“klämdag”), ie. a normal working day. To take the day off, you need to apply for leave as usual. 

Monday 21 May: Pentecost/Whit Monday, no longer a day off 

Wednesday 6 June: National Day of Sweden, holiday and day off 

Thursday 21 June: the day before Midsummer’s Eve, normal working day 

Friday 22 June: Midsummer’s Eve, day off

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