Computer glasses

Last changed: 10 April 2024

On this page you will find information on the procedure for requesting computer glasses, should you need them.

According to the provisions of the Swedish Work Environment Authority (AFS 1998:5 on work at computer screens), the employer must provide glasses for screen work, provided an eye test shows that glasses are needed and that glasses for normal use are not suitable for this purpose.


The employer will pay for the eye test, and if necessary for glasses for screen work. Information on how to order computer glasses is available in Proceedo. There are no ear-marked fund for glasses, the cost should be seen as an operational cost. 

Your head of department/immediate superior will decide if the cost is reasonable. Only glasses suggested by the optician will be reimbursed.

Computer glasses should be kept at the place of work as they are considered work equipment.

What to do if you think you need computer glasses

1. Your place of work should be properly set up before an eye test is done. The occupational health services can help with this.

2. The requisition for computer glasses available in Proceedo must be used.

3. Make an appointment with one of the opticians with a framework agreement. The suppliers under this agreement are ranked, which means you should always contact the first supplier first: 1) Synsam, 2) Specsavers. 
4. To order glasses, fill out an order form in Proceedo. You will find it under Work clothes & staff welfare - Work glasses. Once the order has been authorised, print a copy of the order from the tab Leveranskvittens and bring it to the optician.

If you do not have access to Proceedo, ask a colleague who does to place and print an order for you. They will need your name and personal identity number.

5. The optician will make a note on the form, suggesting suitable glasses for computer work. These shall be suited to you place of work and be kept at there.

The optician will then invoice SLU, using the order number on the form you printed. That way, the invoice can be automatically matched to the purchase order.