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SLU Holding

SLU Holding facilitates the transfer of SLU's outstanding research to the private sector for society’s use and benefit. Our mission is to create economic growth and social development and welfare through commercialization of inventions, products and services generated within SLU.

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Annual Funding Day on SLU Play

SLU’s first-ever Annual Funding Day, organized by Grants Office, the Fundraising unit and SLU Holding, was held successfully on the afternoon of November 17. All SLU employees can now view the event

Innovation Fika for students

Innovation Fika for students utb-webb@slu.se Are you a student and interested in entrepreneurship and innovation? How you can turn your ideas into reality? What it requires to start your own

Lina Strömstedt

Head of SLU Biobank SLU Biobank SLU Biobank (www.slu.se/slubiobank) is a biorepository for the entire SLU - the only biobank in Sweden managing only non-human material. SLU Biobank is located at

Henrik Persson

Henrik is a remote sensing researcher with his main focus on syntethic aperture radar (SAR). This includes for example, interferometry, radargrammetry and polarimetry. Henrik is also performing

Anna Bergh

Anna Bergh anna.bergh@slu.se I hold the subject chair in “Veterinary nursing- subheading veterinary rehabilitation” at the Dept. of Clinical Sciences. As a physiotherapist registered to work with