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News for SLU students

Here we present news items published on SLU's students' web.

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I den årliga rankningen som Naturvårdsverket gör av alla 186 svenska statliga myndigheter kommer SLU på delad andra plats. Rankningen baseras på den rapport som SLU och alla andra myndigheter lämnar

Hög kvalitet på veterinärmedicinsk forskarutbildning

The Swedish Higher Education Authority (UKÄ) has released the result of its first evaluation of a new quality assurance scheme. Licentiate and doctoral degrees in veterinary medicine at SLU are rated

Welcome to SLU on 30 September

SLU turns 40 and we celebrate this by opening our campus in Skara, Umeå and Ultuna. Taste a cricket, train dogs, plant trees or listen to talks about our exciting research. Take the opportunity to

Shut the door

In connection to the fire in Ulls Hus on Monday evening, all employees and students are reminded to close the door to the workroom at the end of the day. The damages of a fire can easily be reduced

Isländskt statsbesök

SLU has been given the honourable task of welcoming the President of Iceland Guðni Th. Jóhannesson and the First Lady of Iceland Eliza Jean Reid as part of their visit to Sweden on 17-19 January.

Brand i Ulls hus

Monday evening, there was a fire in the Division of IT in Ulls hus. No-one was injured. Relita and Akademiska hus are in the process of airing the area, and clearing-up work has started. You will

Call for Strengthening of the Pedagogical Resources

The Educational Board (Utbildningsnämnden – UN) has, in its budget for 2018, allocated more than 10 Million SEK for further development of SLU’s education. By this strategic venture, the pedagogical

Sustainable Food Systems - new master programme

If you have a genuine interest in the development of sustainable food systems, have a look at the new master programme “Sustainable Food Systems”. After this programme you may for example work in the

Christmas greetings

Our 40th year as a university, the celebration year 2017, is coming to an end. It has been a year filled with extraordinary activities, in addition to the ever-present teaching and research. At many

Loan periods over christmas

During the christmas holidays the loan period for course literature will be extended. From December 15th the loan period will be set to January 9th, instead of eight days. Long term loans, 30-180

Centre for Academic Language

The Centre for Academic Language support, drop-in 13-16, is cancelled this wedneysday, 15 november. Read more about Centre for Academic Language

SLU awards for important and innovative researchoch nyskapande forskning

Non-toxic combating of large pine weevil, hampering pathogenic microorganisms and an environmentally friendly method for eradicating seed-borne pathogens. These three inventions have been named the