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Clinical Animal Research Network (CAReNet)

Clinical Animal Research Network (CAReNet) is a Nordic network of researchers and animal health care professionals with particular interest in research.

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Bodil Ström Holst

ew-red@slu.se I am senior lecturer in health and disease of companion animals, especially dogs and cats, with a special responsibility for extension. I share my time between extension, research,

Henrik Rönnberg

henrik.ronnberg@slu.se I became a licensed veterinarian in 1994, trained at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) in Uppsala and received my doctorate (PhD, VMD) in 2002 in

Carenet networking meeting 2022

malin.gustavsson@slu.se September 23, Carenet arranges a sixth networking meeting. We plan for an informal gathering that strengthens our network for clinical research. As previously we meet in the

Eva Tyden

I work at SLU as a teacher and researcher. My research focus is on equine parasites where I am aiming at understanding the molecular mechanism of anthelmintic resistance and providing solutions for

Ragnvi Hagman

I am a veterinary surgeon, and Associate professor in small animal surgery at the Department of Clinical Sciences, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), a job that includes teaching,

Anna Bergh

Anna Bergh anna.bergh@slu.se I hold the subject chair in “Veterinary nursing- subheading veterinary rehabilitation” at the Dept. of Clinical Sciences. As a physiotherapist registered to work with