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Willem Dekker

Dr. Willem Dekker has been an eel student since 1984. In 2004, he wrote his PhD thesis, about the decline of the eel stock and fisheries all over Europe. He had a central position in the development of a European protection plan for the eel (2007). Since 2010, he has been employed at the Sqwedish Agricultural University.


Dr. Willem Dekker has been involved in eel research since 1984. Starting from a local perspective on the fisheries in Lake IJsselmeer (the Netherlands), he developed a pan-European view on the long-term population dynamics of the European eel stock, culminating in his 2004 PhD thesis: “Slipping through our hands; population dynamics of the European eel”. He has chaired the Eel Working Group, a joint group of the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea and the European Inland Fisheries Advisory Committee, from 1996 to 2006 – the period of converting fisheries advancements, into managing the stock sustainably. He had a leading position in the design and development of the European Regulation establishing measures for the recovery of the stock of European eel.


My research interests focus on the assessment and management of the eel fisheries throughout Europe, including historical and cultural aspects, assessment procedures and governance processes, and stock dynamics.


Trained as mathematical biologist, employed on a stock with major governance problems, and now turning to historical studies with almost no hard data – he has travelled a long way from home. Though working on a species (eel) showing a multi-decadal decline has been a challenge, it also gives purpose, and brings him un unchallenged, and often unchartered territories. 

Selected publications

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