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Toine Roozen

Toine Roozen
Interbull Centre Director


My responsibilities are the management of the Interbull Centre: an international organisation (housed within SLU’s Department of Animal Breeding & Genetic) that provides data management and statistical services to assist the global trade of genetic resources – mainly in dairy cattle.

The Interbull Centre supports the global dairy industry with accurate genetic and genomic information on bulls of the major dairy breeds for use by importers and exporters in 35 countries, thereby facilitating selection of best genetics for different countries, environments or breeding goals.

It is also the EU’s Reference Laboratory for Bovine Breeding, and ensures the quality control for the above by setting standards and implementing validation methods.



▪   Master of Science in Animal Breeding, Wageningen University, Netherlands, 1994

▪   Master in Business Administration, University of Oxford, United Kingdom, 2011

Work Experience

▪   Geneticist at PIC Europe: 1994-2000

▪   Business Development at PIC: 2000-2003

▪   Various roles in Knowledge Transfer: 2003-2015

▪   Interbull Centre Director: 2015 to date.

Selected publications

Interbull Centre Reports

In 2018, the Interbull Centre Team wrote a detailed report on Interbull Centre and its activities, which was published as Interbull Bulletin Issue 52

Collectively, the Interbull Centre writes an annual report on its activities.

In 2012, and 2016, the Interbull Centre wrote a strategic plan.

Previous Reports

Gene2Farm - Next generation European system for cattle improvement and management

Quantomics Technical Bulletin

The Quantomics Technical Bulletin was prepared in user-friendly language summarising the Quantomics project and interpreting the key outcomes for the benefit of the industry. The target audience of the bulletin is the broader livestock improvement sector and its stakeholders (i.e. the EC and the general public.) The Bulletin was used to inform industry practices regarding the uptake of genomic technology, potentially contribute to relevant policy development at EC and national levels, and increase general scientific and social awareness.

The bulleting was developed as part of “Quantomics” , and EC funded From Sequence to Consequence: Tools for the Exploitation of Livestock Genomes. within the 7th Framework Programme, Grant Agreement No. KBBE-2A-222664.

Final Report - Development and Knowledge Transfer in the European Cattle Industry

Final Report on a program to improve the co-ordination of Applied Research & Development and Knowledge Exchange in the European dairy cattle industry thereby tackling cross-border challenges of climate change, food security and competition for land use. 



Manager at the Department of Animal Breeding and Genetics; Department of Animal Breeding and Genetics, Interbull Centre
Telephone: +4618672098
Postal address:
HGEN, Interbull Centre, Box 7023
Visiting address: Ulls väg 26, Uppsala

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